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Just 7 Days...

10/10/18 - 16/10/18

Just over seven years ago, driven by a passion for music & art, coupled with the desire to create an artist studio & gallery, I founded A-side B-side Gallery.  The initial concept was to establish a space that not only I could create in, but that would also act as a project and exhibition space.  A few weeks later, after a chance meeting with fellow artist and friend, Tinsel Edwards, the idea would evolve into something more: we wanted to provide an affordable creative space for several artists, to offer creative workshops and establish a gallery.  With just a tiny budget and an empty space in Hackney, that idea was transformed into a reality — and A-side B-side was born.  

To date, without art funding or grants, our gallery and studio have housed over 50 artists, hosted over 100 amazing exhibitions and events, facilitated over 200 workshops and classes, and supported over 500 talented artists to further their careers.  All this while also providing opportunities and training to over 40 dedicated interns and volunteers - to all of whom I'm eternally grateful.

In order to realise and achieve the success of this project, a few sacrifices have been made… one being the pursuit of my own art.  

To mark this seven-year anniversary, for seven days the gallery has been transformed into a studio space, just for me!  There is no plan, and no outcome other than simply a will to create, to engage in a purpose and appreciate the moment.  

Even in just a moment, a thought can take hold and something new can begin—just like the original inception of this gallery, itself. With that in mind, an immeasurable amount can be accomplished in seven days.

Catherine Magnani - Artist and Director of A-side B-side Gallery 

“It’s never too late, for with a purpose, a worthy goal and a motivation to reach those upper layers on the pyramid, a person can travel further in a few years than he might otherwise travel in a lifetime.” 

-Earl Nightingale