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A Void

by Winnicott Wednesdays

PUBLIC VIEW: Thursday 12th April 2018 @ 7-9.30pm


13th - 17TH April 2018

A-side B-side Gallery,

352 Mare Street,

Hackney, LONDON E8 1HR

(opposite Hackney Central Station)

This exhibition grew roots from the idea of a space, or void between people and the way in

which we might try to fill it. How might we confront the void within ourselves, or bridge the

gap when we reach out to another person? As artists, who are also art therapists, we ques-

tioned how this void relates to attachments more generally, and the capacity to be alone.

The EU Referendum and Trump winning the election in the US were catalysts for us to ex-

pand on the ideas of avoidance and relationships, within the current social upheaval of the

cultural and political climate and the ongoing technological revolution. Our art making be-

came increasingly focused around what was happening in terms of our relationships to our-

selves, each other and the evolving world.

The cultural researcher, Gilroy-Ware (2017) asks, ‘What makes us unhappy and wanting to

fill the void?’, suggesting that loneliness makes us turn to social media as “a psychological

response to the need for pleasure and comfort that results from the stresses of life under

postmodern capitalism”. The idea of nothingness or emptiness in terms of artistic process

and output terrified us, yet the exploration yielded fruitful creativity. We ask the question -

Are we filling ‘A Void’ or ‘A Void-ing?’ and invite you to come join us for debate, connection

and exploration.

Gallery opening hours: 10-5pm Friday–Tuesday, 12noon-5pm & 7-9.30pm Thursday





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